OJO, Oluwasetemi Stephen

2 Spathodia Avenue, Mona Heights, Kingston Jamaica.

Nationality: Nigerian.

📞 +1 (8765) - 924 – 904,

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Personal Information

A Fullstack JavaScript/TypeScript(Node and React) engineer with good technical background, with 5 years+ worth of experience working at small to mid sized startups. I am driven by my love for building software products and have good leadership experience leading engineering teams. Have worked with cutting edge web technologies like React and GraphQL to build software products that are tested using JEST or Mocha by Test Driven Development approach using Agile methodologies to deliver quality softwares. Have worked with TypeScript, Nodejs, React, Gatsbyjs and Nextjs in production environment consistently. I write Python conveniently.

Work Experience

Fluna (https://fluna.co) – (January, 2022 – Present) – Senior Full Stack Engineer.

I work with AWS (services include Amplify, Cloud formation templates, Lambda, AppSync, Dynamodb, Aurora RDS, API gateway), building backend APIs and database architecture.

Work with ReactJS, TypeScript, JavaScript, NodeJS and GraphQL on the frontend. I implemented the Testing Infrasture to ensure quality software delivery.

Individual Contractor – (January, 2020 – December, 2021) – Remote JavaScript Developer.

Building products for client based on requirements. Chooselife wellness - health and wellness product for a company called fitnessfair in lagos, Nigeria. The solution was entirely managed and architectured by me, it uses React, Redux and Nodejs, GraphQL, Contentful, Cloudinary. Hosted on AWS.
Built Virtual Closet. The technologies used were Nodejs(GraphQL), Reactjs(Nextjs), React Native(mobile). Hosted on Netlify and AWS.Worked on the API that powers the mobile app and Admin dashboard. Used Stripe for Payment.

Data Savvy Inc, 11263 Lake Mandarin Cir E, Jacksonville, FL 32223. – (August, 2020 – November, 2020) – JavaScript Developer.

NATTERBASE – 10 Hughes Ave, Alagomeji-Yaba 100001, Lagos. – (January, 2019 – April, 2020) – JavaScript Developer.

Worked on Zeedas a project management solution focused on improving software development timeline. The Platform is built with Nodejs and Vue. I worked on both the Backend and frontend tasks(majorly backend) using Nodejs and JavaScript. I worked on other projects like GenieByCOVA, Equilibra building documented and tested API endpoint with REST and GRAPHQL. Introduced my Team to GraphQL and was on the Hiring Team.

EDULIGHT CONSULTING – Dugbe, Ibadan, Oyo State. – (March, 2018 – December, 2018) – JavaScript Engineer and Web Development Training Facilitator.


Virtual Closet. Frontend Landing Page and Admin Dashboard - Reactjs(Nextjs)

Virtual Closet Backend - Nodejs and Backend - GraphQL

Choose Life Wellness platform. Frontend - Reactjs and Backend - GraphQL

GraphQL API for ChooseLife wellness using altair middleware as graphiQL

TalentQL Pipeline Test. Frontend - Reactjs,Typescript

Personal Blog and Website - A React project based on GatsbyJS, JAMstack

For more projects visit my portfolio


Academic Qualifications

B Tech (Hons) Computer Science - Ladoke Akintola University of Technology 2010 - 2015.

Technical Skills

Front-End Technologies










Back-End Technologies








SQL - MySQL, PostgreSQL.

NoSQL - MongoDB, Firebase.

Software Development

Test Driven Development

Version Control - Git

Agile Methodologies

Open Source Software